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Continued Progress

We are going to try something new here. We have been posting lots of pics to Facebook, but unfortunately Facebook sucks and only shows posts to people who actually want to see your content if you pay. So that said, we’re going to post some recent pics and the video from the dyno here. We are making progress and hopeful to get it done in time for SEMA at the latest, but there are so many variables to that equation that it is difficult to say. We also plan to make some events this summer “under construction,” so check...

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Rendering Arrives!

Well, it took a while. But work like this is worth the wait. Steve Stanford crawled inside my brain and laid out exactly the look I was after, with ample nods to tradition and some new-tech groundbreaking stuff, too. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!...

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Loaded and Ready!

The ‘Stang has been pretty much gutted and is ready to roll to Gebhardt Pro Cars tomorrow. Here’s how she looks. No garage? No problem… The previous owner said the block had a hole in it. I couldn’t see it when I bought it, but it did. Anyone need a good deal on a bad motor? If not for this carnage, we wouldn’t own this car This is as clean as it is going to get… A $30 Home Depot come-along did the trick getting the car loaded These pathetic wheel tubs will be gone soon… We’re making a...

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